Extreme Networks ExtremeWorks Managed Services MonitoringPLUS Next Business Day Onsite - Extended service agreement - advance parts replacement - 1 year - on-site - response time: NBD

Manufacturer Extreme Networks
Manufacturer# 97411-H35606
Distributor Product ID 3G25125
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CHF 920.43 excl.
ExtremeWorks Managed Services MonitoringPLUS - AHR offerings provides continuous remote network monitoring, technical support, Operational Software updates and upgrades and advanced parts replacement for covered products according to particular levels of purchase. In addition customers are entitled to the Extreme Networks Managed Services Gateway for real time access to network health, performance and security issues, saved configurations, an inventory database and standardized network reports. Network and device events that are detected and collected via the remote monitoring process are systematically evaluated, correlated and presented to customer via a pre-prescribed alarm notification process in support of a customer initiated maintenance service request.

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