NEC OPS Slot-in PC - Digital signage player - Intel Core i5 - RAM 8 GB - SSD - 64 GB - Windows 7 Embedded - black

Manufacturer NEC
Manufacturer# 100014372
Distributor Product ID 3969104
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The full line-up of OPS Slot-in PCs supports a wide variety of applications starting from static content playback and ranging to the most demanding interactive, high resolution or resource hungry applications. It's possible to configure the required Slot-in PCs to meet customers' demands and offer tailor-made solutions as you can choose from a wide range of processors, solid-state drives, RAM and operating systems as well as Wi-Fi, TPM and G3.75 connectivity. Combined with the advanced technology they are used as flight information controllers in airports, media players for retail signage, menu board play-out systems for QSR or as video conferencing clients in corporate applications and much more.

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