Zebra Technical and Software Support - Technical support - must be purchased within 30 days of the product purchase - phone consulting - 3 years - 8x5 - response time: 4 h

Manufacturer Zebra Technologies
Manufacturer# Z1A5-MDIP-3
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Companies rely more and more on technology to support their business-critical operations. This technology is also constantly evolving, which can impact the performance of your crucial assets. Changes or updates to software, to network connectivity or even to your desktops can unexpectedly affect the operation of your wireless scanners and mobile computers. Zebra's Technical and Software Support (TSS) service provides successful resolution of all your technical support needs with fast response times, well-defined service levels, advanced diagnostic tools, access to the software upgrades and speedy outreach to the technical resources of third-party vendors. This enables you to quickly fix performance issues, minimize potential downtime and optimize daily operations.

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